Velvetdamour Mira of El Shetlajas


- homozygous for shorthair

blue - patched -tabby- white

geb. 09.10.2017

Sir: Miramacats King George /EXO/ cream-white
Dame: Velvetdamour Katalina / EXO/ blue-tabby-white

Lines: Candirand, Ark Star, Wattkatz, Kissable, Tehy, D 'Eden Lover, Kuorii, Boberan, Kitty Charm, Baghira, Miramacats, Validans, etc.

A BIG BIG thanx to Nikolay Dinkow for this fantastic girl. She is not only beautiful & with a great pedigree, but with an amazing character. She's really so cuddly and  sweet.

Mama von Mira
Mama von Mira