Hotline's Stella of El Shetlajas
- Exotic Shorthair - 


geb. 03.06.2021

Sir: Ch. La Peregrina Mars of Hotline EXO (cream-tabby-white)   
Dame: HOTLINE'S BELLA DONNA/ EXO/ brown patched tabby/mackerel  

Lines father: Maradan, Eden Lover, Latin Lover, Kuorie, Bobran, Kitty Charm
Lines mother: Catica, Marlin, Jet Stone's, Eden Lover, Marcus, Kuorii.

A BIG BIG thanks to Reinhard Zschörnig for this fantastic girl. She is not only beautiful & with a great pedigree, but with an amazing character. She's really so cuddly and sweet.

We hope to have wonderful babies with her. 

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